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Rig Planet

The Rig Planet project was an ambitious full stack development project. The service is a marketplace for heavy equipment owners to buy and sell used equipment.

Our goal was to create a mobile first responsive marketplace complete with account and advertising management admin tools.

Rig Planet Bulldozer


Doc Monical


May 2014

Rig Planet Device Screens

Built to Last

There wasn't a lot of ecommerce marketplaces for heavy equipment back in 2014. I set out to build a complete self managed ecom platform that was simple to use and could be easily managed by the owner.

The entire websites interfaces were built as mobile first responsive because I was confident it was the only way to build a site to last because mobile devices were rapidly evolving.

Key Developments


01. Symfony

In 2014, symfony was a fast evolving PHP framework that I began building reuseable boilerplate websites with. Symfony was chosen for this framework because of its adoption of an ORM called propel that made it easy to work with relationships in databases.


02. Elastic Search

Relatively new to Amazon Web Services cloud was Elastic Search. It didn't take long to realize the speed and effeciency of indexing site searches to provide nearly instant search results.


03. Stripe

Payment Gateways at the time were incredible complicated and the client wanted simple. Stripe provided a really easy interface for managing billing and recurring payments. The stripe api was a perfect match and the client has enjoyed a hassle free payment gateway since the site launched.


04. Amazon Web Services

I was not happy managing websites and databases through products like Cpanel and ftp sites. When AWS became widely available I was an early adopter because of the variety of enterprise class cloud services. EC2, S3, RDS, Elastic Search and many more were used in this platform.

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