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Book Appointments

This micro-site was designed to book appointments for Atlantic Spine Center.

Using gatsby and react for the front end, I updated the user interfaces from pain diagnosed appointment booking to give a zocdoc like look and feel.

The site was designed to replace zocdoc for booking appointments from Google Business placement.

Appointment Progress Web Application


Atlantic Spine Center


Spring 2022

Match Docs

Details Matter

When it comes to progressive web apps every detail matters. The most important detail in modern javascript applications are its dependencies.

Keeping the sites dependencies up to date can be a challenging detail a lot of businesses overlook.

Open source projects like gatsby and react have helped provide developers like me a robust framework for creating todays modern Progress Web Applications.

Key Developments


01. Gatsby

Gatsby continues to be at the top of my key developments because it keeps getting better every release. This appointment booking site is running the latest gatsby v4.


02. React

Gatsby wouldn't be anywhere without mentioning react and the latest updates from react.


03. Twilio

The site features a twilio powered dynamic phone tracking system for marketing campaigns. When you change the utc tag the phone numbers change to match.


04. Salesforce

Salesforce and Zapier were used for submitting leads through the various forms on the site. I also used Salesforce to track over 2 dozen dynamic phone numbers.


05. Mobile Compatability

With over 80% of the websites traffic the website is designed to support and work well on the smallest of mobile screens. 320px is usually a good minimum size to develop progress web applications.


06. Google Cloud

Google's new Cloud Platform has a suite of simple services like Cloud Run and App Engine that have made deploying static sites like this one extremly simple.

I am looking for new projects. if you'd like to discuss your project, please get in touch.