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Pain Diagnosed

Prior to covid, doctors were struggling to find suitable telehealth products for their patients. My company saw a need for a portal to match patients with local doctors. The site was an evolution of prior development versions of collective care and cloud9spine.

As the sole developer, I needed to focus on encapsulating 3rd party services. The entire project took several months to complete, but when finished now requires very little effort to update and maintain.

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May 8th, 2020

Mobile Evaluation

The Pain Evaluation

I started developing web surveys over 2 decades ago. Each survey was an evolution of the next. The pain evaluation is a very simple survey that engages with patients looking for help with their pain. After a patient steps through a series of questions I was able to match them with doctors that best suited their treatment requirements.

The original pain evaluation was developed to generate matches for possible conditions (a symptom checker) but was eventually changed to an engagement channel for paitients to connect with pain specialists.

Over the past year the evaluations has helped connect thousands of patients with doctors throughout the United States.

Key Developments


01. Algolia Search

I needed a search engine for patients looking for local doctors that could provide similar capabilities as zocdoc. I didn't want to develop the search internally as I was the only developer so I chose to integrate Algolia Search.


02. Gatsby & React

React has been my goto frontend development toolkit for a few years now. I can't imagine developing frontend UI without it. GatsbyJS was new on the scene but I could tell I wanted to attempt integrating my React components with its static rendering capabilities.


03. Forest Admin

I knew I was going to need an admin capable of manaing thousands of doctors accounts, locations, specialties and insurances. A relatively unknown product at the time, Forest Admin showed its potential to generate data models from an existing database and deploy to production in 5 minutes.


04. Stripe

I had used stripe as a payment portal in the past. It provides payment gateway services with very little effort to the developer. Highly recommended when building services using a rapid application development (RAD) workflow.


05. Google & Kubernetes

I had been developing full stack on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for over 10 years. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was offering a promotion on their web services which I couldn't pass up. I'm glad I did because the interfaces were refreshingly simple, very google'esk, and I was up and running a fully scaleable environment for my docker service modules.


06. Mobile 1st Responsive

A key strategy I used in the healthcare marketing space was mobile marketing, that is, providing the best experience to visitors coming to my sites on mobile devices. A complicated feature that is usually overlooked but provides am abundance of less expensive paid marketing channels.

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