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Doctor Consulting

Doctor Consulting is cloud service developed for doctors that provided video consulting and DICOM image diagnosis of patients in a virtual setting. Prior to the covid rush to telehealth, I was already developing virtual diagnosis services for doctors in the cloud.

Doctor Consulting was a unique challenge because of the web based DICOM imaging system that was required to properly diagnosis patients with severe spine conditions. I was tasked with coding the DICOM imaging and Video Consulting.

Doctor Consulting


Doctor Consulting


Late 2019

Doctor Consulting Device Screens

Covid Rush to Virtual Office Visits

For most people around the world, covid shut down their business. For me, I had already been developing for Doctor Consulting several months prior to shut downs and was uniquely positioned to help doctors diagnose patients in virtual settings.

Doctor Consulting was unique from similar products in development by zocdoc and because it was being developed for spine surgeons. Spine surgeons required a way for patients to upload and view thier medical images prior to a virtual consultation.

Video Consultations were not going to have a mobile app available for the first phase of development so it was up to me to develop the video consultation using mobile first using Twilio Video API and WebRTC.

Key Developments


01. React

I had previous experience using react on the Collective Care project and Atlantic Spine Center website so I felt confident in my ability to develop a modern user interface with it. The DICOM medical image viewer was built around the cornerstone js DICOM framework.


02. Redux Ducks

I built most of the state management for the entire project using the Redux Ducks pattern. It was easier for the other developers to understand and the code was condensed into a single file per data model making it easier for junior developers to work with.


03. Twilio

The twilio video and sms services were used to host scaleable and secure video rooms and mobile notifications for doctor/patient scheduling and reminders.


04. Docker Swarm

Each service was built seperately as docker containers in Docker Swarm. A docker proxy was built to access the containers across a scaleable AWS EC2 instances and a load balancer controlling traffic flow.

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