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Full Stack

Atlantic Spine Center

I designed, developed and maintained for a decade.

The most recent site created in 2019 was an enterprise class website built for speed, organic content growth and paid marketing traffic designed for mobile devices.

Over 1 million user visits over the past 2 years. Several million more over the prior 8 years and 5 previous sites.

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Atlantic Spine Center


10 years

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A Decade of Master Class

Atlantic Spine Center was a full stack web presence entrusted to me for over 10 years.

I created and maintained all of the prior 6 websites for

Each website was built using the most up to date website frameworks that would deliver ogranic and paid content to a wide range of audiences and device mediums.

Every page was carefully constructed and optimized to deliver pages in under a second with seamless page transitions.

Key Developments


01. Gatsby

To acheive seamless and timely content delivery I turned to gatsby, a static site generator bundled into a Docker container running nginx.


02. Docker

All sites over the years were developed and delivered in the most up to date content delivery systems. For setup and delivery, docker was perfect for the most recent project.


03. React

Powering gatsby is React. I started developing react apps since it's inception. I'm quite comfortable building entire sites using react.


04. Algolia

Finding an embeded search to replace Google was difficult. I turned to Algolia integration to cover all the gatsby content providing complete control over the search and results.


05. Salesforce

I started the original website in 2012 to integrate directly with enterprise salesforce. I believe I was one of the early adaptors of salesforce person accounts. Prior to healthcloud, I built and customized several dozen interfaces and processes throughout salesforce.


06. MySql

Behind every form submissions can be an exhausting process. I oversaw and developed dozens of mysql databases for handling content and submissions for millions of users.


07. Twilio

Been a long time supporter of twilio and their integrated telephony products. Our longest serving client is integrated with twilio numbers for dynamic phone tracking of marketing programs and SMS automation through salesforce turned out being our most used product integration.


08. Mobile First Responsive

Our original site was designed for mobile responsive over 10 years ago. One of the largest growing sectors of internet technology is delivering interactive and responsive sites optimized for mobile devices.


09. Google Cloud

Our most recent addition to enterprise clients was moving to google cloud. The interfaces are much more intuative than AWS. Virtual and Secure environments are easy to setup and manage.


10. Amazon Web Services

Until recently, the past 10 years were hosted by AWS. I managed administration for several different AWS accounts that include a broad spectrum of services from EC2 to RDS.

I am looking for new projects. if you'd like to discuss your project, please get in touch.